Get your Lumia Unlock Code for Free

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Get your Lumia Unlock Code for Free

Yes! you hear it right! We are offering for a limited time only, unlock code for Free! A lot of customers have been asking for free unlock codes! Is there a catch? Let’s be fully true (as we have always been): YES!

But instead of try to scam you with some type of complicated things, we have a nice deal for you!

How to get the 100% Off my order?

So you need and unlock code for a phone? and really need that 100% reduction coupon code to get it done? Ok in that case , contact us with your request using the form below! We will reply you with the discount you could get with your unlock request!

In return, you will be asked to provide a video showing  how you receive the unlock code by email from LumiaUnlock, and then entering tha unlock code into your phone.

It is as simple as:

upload video and get 100% refund

How it works:

  1. Email us at and tell us your phone model, and the network it is locked to.
  2. We will reply you and let you know how much discount you are drafted for! You will then need to initially place your order.
  3. Once our servers generate your unlock code and you receive it by email, you will need to CLEARLY film :
    • the email you received from with your unlock code
    • Your phone currently locked to the specified GSM carrier and asking for unlock code
    • Inputting the unlock code received by email into your locked cell phone
    • Showing that your phone is in fact now unlocked and connecting to another GSM carrier

4. Once you are done filming, upload the video to and send us the link.

THAT’S ALL! Once this is done, we will refund you the amount we agreed to!


Why are we offering this?

Sure most Unlock code cannot be obtained freely! We have servers working 24 hours  day; to be able to provide this service so it need money to provide all of this! And as Internet is now full of scammers, we want you, our valuable customers showing us trust since yeas, to be able to help make internet and all usefull services been provided by trusted company like ours, to keep doing that good job!

So to get your free unlock code, we would like to ask you make instructionnal video available for other users searching for it on the Internet! Would you like to be part of the adventure? If yes, we would like to reward you with  100% of the price of any unlocking service you need! Yes 100%, or 50%, depending on the device you have and the carrier it is locked to!


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