How to Unlock Nokia Lumia

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How to Unlock Nokia Lumia

How to get your Nokia Lumia phone unlocked? The unlocking process itself is so simple. There is only 3 little steps to get your phone unlocked. Yes! This seems too simple, as people have been wondering for so long how to unlock Nokia Lumia devices, and where searching for complicated rooting software or jailbreaking methods, that in fact do not apply to Lumia smartphones!

how to unlock lumia

So here is how to unlock your Nokia Lumia Cell Phone

Please always remember that those steps are usable once you bought your unlock code and received it by email from our unlocking services.

so once you have your unlock code handy, simply follow these steps to get your phone unlocked:

  1. Switch ON your phone with a non accepted simcard
  2. Phone will ask you to Enter Unlock Pin
  3. Input the 8 digit Unlock Code


What if the code is Not Working

The steps explained righ now applies to all Nokia Lumia devices except to the Nokia Lumia 900 from AT&T USA!

With this phone, even when you enter the correct unlock code we provided, it can sometime display an error message that the unlock code is not not working! Wait a minute! Don’t get into panic mode! There is a working “workaround” for this issue (and it is a well known issue with this particular device: Nokia Lumia 900 from AT&T USA)!

The workaround :

To get over this situation, please follow the steps in the order bellow:

  1. Switch ON your Nokia Lumia with a non accepted simcard
  2. Your Lumia will ask you to Enter Unlock Pin
  3. Type in the 8 digit Unlock Code provided
  4. The phone will reject the code, saying it is not working…don’t panic…..don’t….even thought your remaining unlocking attempts is getting low!
  5. Keep entering the so called “incorrect unlock code” until you run out of your ten (10) available unlock code entering attempts.
  6. Phone will now ask for the “real” network unlock code and now will give you 32 attempts to enter your Lumia Unlock Code
  7. Enter the same 8-digit code you’ve been entering before!
  8. And what?? Didn’t we told you not to panic??

Let the professionals help you out!


If you have any issue, please don’t hesitate to write in comments or send us an email at :

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