Lumia Unlocking FAQ

How to unlock your Nokia Lumia? Is it safe to unlock your Lumia? How much does it cost? How long does it take to unlock your Lumia?

We have replied over the years, to hundred of questions asked by our customers. Here are some of the most frequent questions we use to receive from other customers.

Only the simplest are compiled in this FAQ. More complex questions are answered in full blog posts, to provide more details and in depth explanations.

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Cell Phone Unlocking is the process by which user can remove carrier locks applied by GSM Network operators to “lock” user on their network.

The idea behing locking user is to force him to stay with a carrier for the maximum time, even when the customer don’t still want to use this network because (he is travelling, or just need to have better services from another network carrier.

We provide you unlocking service by generating the special unlock code that your Lumia cell phone ask when you insert a SIM Card from another carrier.

Phone unlocking is used when you would like to change Networks or service providers using the same device.

After you Unlock your device you can simply insert any SIM Card from any GSM service provider in the world and then use the same device with them.